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It’s been a helluva year — so rather than just reflecting on all that went down in 2020, we’re going back a bit further and seeking comfort via nostalgia. But while revisiting “simpler times” may feel like temporary escapes from current disasters like climate change, a pandemic, and attempted coups, they also remind us of how we got here. Welcome to Grist’s Nostalgia Week.

I first encountered fruitcake, outside of the context of late-night jokes, as a teenager. I’d gotten hooked on the English food writer Nigella Lawson’s glamorously hedonistic early-2000s cooking show Nigella Bites, and my parents had bought me Lawson’s second cookbook, the archly titled How to Be a Domestic Goddess, as a present. The cookbook presented fruitcake — or in its parlance, “Christmas cake” — as a fait accompli, something that of course I was going to take on come December[grist-content ref=”rc-one”].[/grist-content]

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MONDAY Climate change is giving ‘Christmastown, USA’ an identity crisis Leavenworth, Washington — my hometown — is looking less and less like a winter wonderland. By Joseph Winters

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