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Should I learn to drive? I am 30 years old and have been OK with relying on public transport thus far. I have also been glad to not have to decide whether to drive and emit pollution every time I make a trip in my city — because I can’t even drive! I don’t mind leading a smaller, simpler, slower life, and I am proud of the lengths I have gone to avoid causing extra car trips — even lugging home items of furniture on the bus. But there are some things I’d like to do in the next few years that probably require being able to drive places, e.g., adopting a large dog and doing a bit of fieldwork for a Ph.D. in a climate mitigation area. 

I assume I would expend 50 to 100 hours’ worth of emissions just to get a license. (The cars I see at driving schools seem to all be fossil fuel–combusting.) And then afterward, I would be more likely to drive, own a car, etc. What should I do? One idea I can think of already is to write to the driving school and ask them to get an electric vehicle fleet.

— Can A Reluctant Learner Escape Smoggy System


I sincerely admire the lengths you’ve gone to to reduce your tra... Read more

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