If any more proof were required that nobody reads Gristmill, it came this week. You may recall that almost a month ago, I discussed the merits of Barack Obama’s scheme to give the auto industry help with their healthcare costs in exchange for more research on fuel-efficient cars. Then last week, I posted Obama’s speech on energy independence — mere hours after he delivered it!

Days later, Kevin Drum discovered both the scheme and the speech via some shady fly-by-night "news agency" called Knight Ridder. "News agency"?! It’s the age of blogs, dude. Look it up.

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Then Matt Yglesias picks it up, also citing an old Prospect article by the Reapers on the subject — and conspicuously failing to cite my response to said article. Then Oil Drum picks it up "courtesy of Kevin Drum" — scarcely a grist or a mill to be found.

Clearly something is badly broken in the blog world. And that something is that I’m insufficiently famous and revered.

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