Jerry FalwellJoining a brain trust that boasts such members Stone Age Senator James Inhofe and TV game show host Pat Sajak, conservative Christian Reverend Jerry Falwell has spoken out on global warming, proclaiming it … you guessed it … a "myth." (You should really watch the linked news segment. It must be seen to be believed.)

He says blah blah global cooling in the ’70s blah blah natural cycle, but the best part is where he uncovers the nefarious secret agenda of the global warming crowd. To wit:

  1. Those drawing attention to global warming want to economically destroy America, because … uh … they just do.
  2. Moreover, they want to distract attention from the fact that the world — the whole world! — is morally bankrupt.
  3. Worse yet, they want to redirect the church’s focus, distracting it from its core mission of hating Teh Gay.

Falwell notes that the connection between CO2 and warming is "the greatest deception in the history of science" — presumably greater than biologists’ deception about evolution and geologists’ deception about the age of the earth. You just can’t turn your back on those lyin’ scientists!

PS, Falwell acknowledges he’s not a scientist, but he’s taken a few years to study the issue, so don’t go questioning his credentials on this matter.

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