Gangnam Style parodies may be just a tiiiiiiny bit played out, but there’s something compelling about the sheer dude-bro-ness of this one. (The guys in it even call themselves “The Peterson Farm Bros.”) It’s called “Farmer Style,” and it was made by a bunch of brothers who help run a family farm out in the Midwest:

There are some missed opportunities here! For instance, why are there not more butts? Specifically, gyrating cow butts? Why aren’t they yelling like crazy Psy at cow butts?

But, really, this parody has — I’m pretty sure unintentionally — a lot in common with Gangnam Style. I get the sense that the farm boys think that they’re portraying a sort of wholesome world. I mean, they’re wearing khakis instead of snazzy suits and glittery dresses and are hanging out with cows. But in its own way, their world of huge trucks, fields of wheat, and processed foods is as wasteful and unsustainable as the shiny-car, sexy-lady lifestyle that Psy’s portraying. Both seem like they’re all fun and games right now, but they can only go on as long as the rapidly dwindling supply of cash and resources hold out. Kansas just has less accomplished dancers than South Korea.

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