I try not to be a panic-prone person, but it’s a little hard to focus when the news cycle is 60 percent “FREAKISH STORM WILL BE THE WORST IN HISTORY AND IT’S TOUCHING DOWN RIGHT ON YOUR HOUSE.” So when DCist tweeted this article with the note “NO FRANKENSTORM, JUST BABY GAZELLE,” I was like “yesssssss.” And it was not oversold.

The pictures in this post are a brand-new baby girl born Oct. 13, who was just introduced to the public. But even better is this video of her half-brother, born Sept. 4:

Seriously, watch this little dude bouncing around like he was at a No Doubt concert in 1995. (It’s called “stotting,” apparently.) Do you not feel better? Do the worries clouding your mind not seem to dissipate? Do you not feel serene — right up until you realize that he lives in D.C., where FRANKENSTORMZILLAPOCALYPSE is set to hit. Crap.

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National Zoo, you’d better take really good care of these babies on Monday. Put them inside, give them raincoats, tether them to the ground, develop a force shield ray, whatever it takes. Because if I have to watch a video like this and feel sad, I am going to be pissed.

Gil Myers/National ZooAnd so will the mom, and she has horns.

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