Greenpeace is not having much luck catching illegal tuna fishermen because the fishermen are are not having much luck catching any tuna. However, you can bet they will continue to try as long as the Japanese are willing to pay $50,000 for a single large adult bluefin. You wouldn’t think that one or two trips to the local sushi bar a year would help drive tuna to extinction, but that’s how it works. Our biodiversity is dying a death from 6.5 billion tiny cuts. This is also why harping at consumers has such limited success. The good news is that this will free up Greenpeace resources to shadow other boats in other waters until whatever they are fishing for goes extinct.

What if our Navy, instead of wandering around killing whales and dolphins with their sonar, were to spend some of their free time helping Greenpeace enforce fishing bans?

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Imagine the looks on the faces of illegal French fishermen when an F-14 Tomcat silently blows past in a low altitude flyby at supersonic speed, full afterburners. Two seconds later the sonic boom arrives and the boat crew, in a spontaneous show of solidarity, empty their bladders in unison — revenge of the Rainbow Warrior. Oh baby! Or even better, a nuclear sub surfaces and tows them back to the states to auction off their boat, donating the funds to Greenpeace! Ridiculous fantasies for sure, especially with the present idiot running the show. But what if Gore were The Decider?

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