Being the young and growing organization that it is, Current TV seems to be constantly tweaking its website — for the better. Me, being the Current TV fan that can’t actually watch it, I get a little frustrated. But luckily, they’ve thrown me a bone in the form of video previews. And I like what I see.

Another change is that one can now browse what is airing by “pod” category. Low and behold, there is an Earth pod just for us. Yippee! In it we find a clip on saving gorilla and rhino habitat, two (!) on climate change in Alaska, another on hurricanes, and one animated short on Bush and his love for oil.

Those of you who have been keeping up with my Current TV posts might notice a few clips missing from the Earth pod. You’ll find them categorized elsewhere: “A Visit with Cody” (Current Casa) and “From the Fry Daddy to Your Car” (Current Ride).

And there is a new clip awaiting the greenlight in the Current studio on the Solar Decathlon that was recently featured in our own Grist List. IMHO, this one definitely deserves to be on air and is example of the type of video I’d like to see on Grist. If you agree, submit your greenlight vote.

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