• 92 — percentage of the U.S. Latino population living in urban areas in 20002, 3
  • 80 — percentage of Latinos living in counties that violated at least one federal air-pollution standard in 20022
  • 57 — percentage of non-Latino whites living in counties that violate at least one federal air-pollution standard in 20022
  • 50 — percentage of Latinos living in areas that violate the federal air-pollution standard for ozone, one of the major triggers for asthma attacks4
  • 2.5 : 1 — ratio of asthma incidence in Latino children to incidence in non-Latino white children4
  • 39 — percentage of Latinos living within 30 miles of a power plant in 20004
  • 78 million — pounds of developmental and neurological toxins released into the air or water in the U.S. by power plants in 19994
  • 41 — percentage of U.S. mercury emissions that came from power plants in 19994
  • 44 — number of states that have fish-consumption advisories warning about eating mercury-contaminated fish5
  • 50 — percentage by which the Bush administration’s plan would likely cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants by 20205
  • 90 — percentage by which mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants could be cut before the end of the decade if utilities were required to install top-notch technology5
  • 11 — number of years that have passed since President Clinton issued an executive order requiring all federal agencies to include the achievement of environmental justice in their missions4
  • 0 — criteria the EPA have developed for defining which populations should be served by the executive order4
  • 52 — percentage of Latinos under the age of 65 without health insurance in 20034
  • 30 — percentage of Latino children living in poverty4

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