Dear Leonardo,

You own a hybrid. You talked up global warming on Oprah. And last week, you stepped up to the Oscar mic with Al Gore. But I wonder if you have any idea how much eco-scrutiny you’re going to be under now that you’re officially first knight to the King of Climate Change?

Luckily, you seem up to the challenge — at least according to gossip columnist Ted Casablanca:

Leonardo DiCaprio is superserious about going green, quelle surprise.

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During a shoot at Smashbox Studios Wednesday, Leo had his peeps place environmentally safe disposable trash cans around the lot, so the crew could recycle their cups and plates from craft services. Wasn’t that caring of him? I could puke, but still, ’twas sweet o’ the boy.

The column goes on to break down the brouhaha about Leo’s Oscar buddy’s home energy consumption.

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Not so nice was the report that his Oscar-presenting partner Al Gore is sucking up oodles of energy with his Tennessee mansion. ‘Course, we’ve all heard this, so guess L.D.’s faring better, post-Oscars, than his green-touting Kodak podium partner.

Take this as a warning, Jack … I mean, Leo. The old show-us-the-science tricks aren’t working for climate skeptics anymore, so the anti-action brigade is looking for new ways to distract the public. And throwing dirt at prominent activists (cough Gore cough) is sure to be one of their major strategies.

So get those electricity bills in order.