Live Earth logo… if you’re in Sydney, that is.

But thankfully, even if you’re not in Australia — or Shanghai or London or New York Jersey — you can still catch all the Live Earth goodness.

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Here’s how:

  • Log on to MSN’s Live Earth site, where they’ll be streaming the concerts as they happen. They’ve also got plenty of other video up to amuse you during downtime between performances.
  • Flip on your XM radio if you’re a subscriber, or log online if you’re not (register for a free three-day trial), to access all of the concerts in their entirety. Check out "Live Earth All Access" (XM channel 40) for backstage interviews and highlights from the most memorable performances.
  • Turn the dial on your old-school AM/FM radio to a local station broadcasting the music. Use the Broadcast Searchability Device on the Live Earth site to find out where to tune in.
  • Grab your remote and channel-surf until you find one of the TV stations broadcasting highlights (or in some cases, continuing coverage).

And after the concerts are over, continue to educate yourself about the climate crisis and the simple ways you can make a difference.

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