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Now Streetsblog has learned that Mayor Bloomberg will make a major announcement on New York City sustainability policy today at 3:00 pm EST. Here’s the catch: He’ll be making that announcement in Sunnyvale, California with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’ll be appearing at the offices of Bloom Energy, formerly known as Ion America, a high-tech start-up company that apparently specializes in fuel cell technology. We do not know what the details of the announcement will be — "long-term planning and sustainability" covers a lot of ground — but based on a couple of recent hires in Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff’s new shop, we surmise that the mayor may be touching on economic development, transportation, energy and greenhouse gas emissions in today’s talk.

Streetsblog has learned that Mayor Bloomberg’s newly established office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability has hired Dr. Rachel Weinberger, an Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania who specializes in land use and transportation planning. Dr. Weinberger now works at City Hall as the "Senior Policy Advisor for Transportation." On paper, she looks to be an ideal candidate for the job.

Stay tuned.

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