Took the rig out in the rain Saturday to run errands. The trip was mostly along the bike trail. At one point I caught up with a guy riding a nice racer, and as usual, rather than let some goofball pulling a trailer pass, he sprinted to put some distance between us, and as usual, exhausted himself trying. To add insult to injury, I was chatting on my blue tooth headphone the whole time he tried to shake me.

If only these poor bastards knew that they are racing an unfeeling cybernetic organism: half man, half machine, human flesh on top of an aluminum frame powered by an electric brushless hub motor and four nano phosphate lithium ion batteries. I went through all four batteries on that race, er, ride. I stopped in a Subway to get a bite to eat and recharge my batteries before heading back.

I took it on another long trip on Sunday, this time to a dreaded shopping mall. Nerds don’t care for shopping malls. But I needed some shoes. I was down to two choices: steel-toed boots or Teva sandals.

Once again, I stopped to get a bite to eat before heading home. I put the battery chargers over in a corner where I found an unused electrical outlet. It wasn’t long before mall security was eying them suspiciously from atop their Segways. I walked over to explain what they were before things got out of hand. This was the second time I’ve had to talk the police out of disarming my bike batteries.