Today I bring word from Canada — a postcard, if you will. On a fluffy tourist excursion to Victoria this weekend, I encountered a (very) civil action. Maybe a tie-in to the big peace march, for those who couldn’t trek from BC to DC.

Dozens of marchers had taken over the right lane of a main street, chanting and waving signs to protest the U.S.-led war in Iraq. (The best: “Make levees, not war.”) They earned mild curiosity from onlookers: “If I were driving,” I heard one guy say, “I’d be honking right about now.” Then the marchers came to a red light. They all dutifully stopped, until someone up front shouted — or, really, declared — “We’re already blocking traffic. Don’t stop for the light.” The rally continued.

Canada! I love you.

Later, in a pub, the quiet chatter of four middle-aged men reached my ears. Their topics: the U.S. in Iraq, the U.S. hurricanes, the U.S. health-care crisis, the U.S. leadership crisis.

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Canada! I’m sorry we’re lousy neighbors.

And, uh, what’s new with you guys?

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