McDonald’s has made a video wherein Jeff Kroll, a VP at McDonald’s Canada, reads off and answers questions from anxious would-be consumers of McDonald’s beef. Questions like, “Is McDonald’s beef rinsed in ammonia?” and “Is it true that ‘100 percent real beef’ means the whole nasty cow ground up in a big grinder, guts and all?” Of course, the answers are “no” and “no,” because they wouldn’t make the video just to say “yes we throw a cow and some ammonia in a blender,” but it’s all punctuated with images of beef goo that might make the entire exercise counterproductive from the point of view of McDonald’s.

Kroll explains to questioners that rinsing beef in ammonia is illegal in Canada (not in the U.S. though!), and that their beef is “just like you would get at a grocery store.” Because we all know the beef you get at the grocery store is so amazing and healthy.

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The best thing about the video is that Kroll says the word beef maybe 70 times, and in this sort of deranged way, like it has five or six eee’s in it and he’s obsessed with it. Seriously though, people are snotty about McDonald’s, but the truth is that if you’re going to eat something that’s not that good for you or the planet, eating it at the Golden Arches isn’t probably any worse than eating it anywhere else. But if you’re thinking of weaning yourself off not just McDonald’s but beef in general, there are some shots of it getting extruded out of industrial beef rigging here that just may do the trick.

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