Two things I wrote yesterday are now up on other sites.

Over at the Guardian‘s opinion site, I’ve got a piece on Obama’s new energy plan. (Wow, the comments are really awful over there.)

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Over at TPM Cafe, I’m taking part in a "book club" roundtable on S&N’s new book Break Through (heard of it?). While my comments here on Grist focused on the policy angle, over there I’m addressing the political story. Here’s a taste:

Environmentalism is not dead. It is being reborn as we speak, emerging from its special-interest cocoon as a … butterfly of … oh, hell, something. Point is, the new movement S&N seek is already underway. It’s the early stages of a sea change, a generational transformation. They should spend their time championing its diverse voices rather than lambasting a vestigial environmentalism of concern mostly to its reactionary opponents.

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(Really I just wanted to use “vestigial” and “lambaste” in the same sentence.)