On Thursday, Dave attended a press screening of An Inconvenient Truth, so expect a review of it soon. And on Tuesday, May 2nd, he’ll be chatting with the star of the film, Al Gore. If you have any burning questions, just let Dave know.

In related news, David Remnick of the The New Yorker published a glowing review of his own, in which he writes: “An Inconvenient Truth is not the most entertaining film of the year. But it might be the most important.” Word.

Al also graces the cover of Wired‘s green issue, which Dave blogged about here. I’m only halfway through it, but I agree with him that the piece about Gore is great (especially the backstory about his beard). It’s also worth noting that the issue contains the “ultimate guide to the online video universe.” The internet (invented by Al!) is becoming a useful medium for environmentalists who want to distribute their message outside the MSM. Check out Wired‘s guide (available online May 1) to learn how people are experimenting with online video. Speaking of which …

Over at dh love life, Daryl Hannah explores Rwanda in a two-part series. And the folks behind Treehugger TV interviewed Bradley Berman, editor of Hybridcars.com, at the New York International Auto Show. Expect an interview with Lester Brown soon. (Read Dave’s interview with Lester here.)

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And while only a few videos are currently available online, this press release [PDF] announces that Current TV (co-founded by Al!) aired special programming for Earth Day. Topics included: biodiesel, Amazon deforestation, eco-surfboards, and skateboards, living offgrid, freegans (!), Earth Day events, climate change, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, solar energy, and more. Good job Current, but MTV has you beat with a year’s worth of green coverage.

If I missed any Al-related news, just let me know in comments.

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