secret agent with a megaphone

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We did it! Or rather, you did it: Thanks to all of you amazing Grist readers who rose to our challenge, our December fund drive hit its goal.

In 10 days we raised 2,530 donations for a total of $78,251.

This gives us even more goose bumps than the James Bond music that played on our mental soundtracks as we created the fund drive’s secret-agent-y theme.

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Why? Because it means that you share our belief that the stories we cover matter, and the work we do deserves support.

It means you get that we’re not just harvesting clicks — we’re on a mission.

It means you’re willing to kick in to help keep us going as an independent, nonprofit provider of irreverent information about the environment, sustainability, climate, food, cities, and a greener future.

It means you care.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Or maybe you just feel guilty? We’ll take that too.

You won’t be seeing another full-volume fundraising appeal from us again for a good long while. Enjoy the respite. Our beautiful new donation page — have you seen it yet? — remains open for business 24/7.

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