Things I loved as a kid, and not-so-secretly still love: rubber duckies, bubbles, and dirt.

My love for the latter is apparently shared by the founders of More Dirt. Why More Dirt? Glad you asked:

Human beings have been living with plants and animals on this earth for thousands of years.

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Only in the last couple of hundred years have some humans created urban habitats void of vegetation.

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This is why More Dirt! was born.

To provide a website where folks can learn about ways to bring more dirt and green life to their cities; so that folks have cleaner air to breathe; healthy, locally grown food to eat; and more green life in their cities.

The volunteer-run organization lauds the all-around wonderfulness of dirt, and links to abundant resources for those interested in celebrating urban dirt with community gardens, tree planting, rooftop gardening, and other permaculture.

The site is trendy and hip, and the group has found an innovative way to get its message out: lush, brown loam-colored More Dirt t-shirts (so cute that the group already sold out its first batch). If you’re sporting “More Dirt,” you’re gonna get asked why you heart dirt so much — opening the conversation to the stirring topics above.

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We’re into it.

Hat tip: reader (and founder) Heidi Q.