Aargh. For the first time in five godforsaken years, issues of large-scale humanitarianism were topping the headlines, instead of war, anger, and intolerance. A genuine effort was underway to coordinate the world’s largest and most powerful governments around two vital issues of our time: lifting Africa out of poverty and addressing global warming.

And now this. More violence, which will beget, as it always does, violence, anger, and territorialism in response.

We were struggling to find the higher angels of our nature, and now we’re back to the reptile brain.

So goddamn frustrating.

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As is becoming standard, Wikipedia is the place to keep up with developing news and links around the London tragedy. For coverage of how the Gleneagles participants are struggling to stay focused on the tasks at hand, check out Sciencegate, which has already become indispensable.

And for a reminder of how vital the G8 agenda remains, check out the SciDevNet feature on the connection between global warming and African misery.

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