If you were a scientist living in Antarctica, no doubt you would miss the comforts of home. Lying in a hammock. Driving to your friend’s house to watch the game. Oreos. Now, at least, the Oreo thing is covered. To celebrate its 100th year, Oreo is celebrating “conquering” another continent with the delicious cookie classic by having an actual person dressed as an Oreo deliver 5,000 cookies to the Palmer Science station.

The scientists are psyched — let’s be honest, scientists just sit around measuring stuff all day; they have nothing to do but snack. And whole-food advocates are also psyched, because moving 5,000 Oreos to a remote icebound continent looks like a good start.

As for us, we’re happy that Nabisco is demonstrating this faith in Antarctica by conquering it. Antarctica is getting smaller every day, but if a giant multi-national company wants to conquer it, it means there’s still something left to conquer. And, because it’s not all about the cookies, Nabisco also donated a Penguin Cam so that kids far away can watch the popular, much-loved, and possibly soon-to-be-extinct-due-to-global-warming birds.

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