The folks at Tom Paine asked me to write a piece on a green agenda for the coming year. I tried to tackle three points:

  1. We’re in a chaotic, transitional period on energy and environmental issues. Circumstances are uniquely aligned for green progress.
  2. Several economically powerful and politically connected interests will be trying to take advantage of the chaos by pushing for supply-oriented energy solutions that, while perhaps not nefarious, are a waste of time and money that could better be applied elsewhere. Greens should consciously try to countervail their influence.
  3. All the various green constituencies should try to unite behind a relatively simple positive message, for maximum political impact.

Writing it, the thing got a bit out of hand, so it ended up being a two-parter. The first part is up today, addressing the first two points; the second part, on the third point, will be out tomorrow. I’ll have more to say about it then.