Under the headline “A Coalition for Firm Limit on Emissions,” The New York Times writes about a new coalition of major corporations and “moderate” environmental groups.

As usual for the NYT, the lead is buried deep in the story:

The group’s principles include recommending a range of emissions levels — from 100 to 105 percent of current levels within five years, then down to 90 to 100 percent of current levels in 10 years, and 70 to 90 percent of current levels in 15 years.

In other words raise emissions now, in hopes we’ll cut them slightly in ten years, and slightly more in another ten.

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I predict that with major environmental groups such as the NRDC on board, there is going to be a push to define this as the acceptable outer limit of debate, with only the higher numbers emphasized.

This is an asking price. Somewhere between this and what James Inhofe favors will be seen as the target for sensible people.

And Charlie Brown lets Lucy hold the football for him one more time.

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