Like this, but with an electric airplane.

Library of CongressLike this, but with an electric airplane.

Wired introduces us to a crazy, brilliant man:

Yates is a pilot. He got his license a year ago. Despite his inexperience, he has a dream. A crazy, outlandish, almost insane dream. He wants to repeat Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight across the Atlantic — in an electric airplane.

That flight — from New York to Paris — is more than three times as long as the longest flight any electric airplane has taken, according to Wired. The electric plane, which Yates is still building, would have to go 3,500 miles, even though it only has a 700-mile range.

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How’s that going to work? The plan right now is to have flying battery packs meets the plane at intervals and refuel it in midair. Crazy? Totally. Brilliant? Yeah.

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