Like everyone else in the sustainable blogosphere, I’ve been digging on, the newly launched blog from the World Resources Institute. They sent me to Fast Company’s "Change Masters" awards for businesses that do good, which are cool. Then there’s this great post on the three steps the business world can take to lead globalization on a more sustainable path.

Best of all, there’s this op-ed by Ian Davis in The Economist (cited here) about the silly conflict between two contrasting points of view: corporate social responsibility (CSR) on one hand, and "the business of business is business" — a mindset that rejects all social concerns as extraneous — on the other.

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Davis argues that both perspectives are limited and slightly naive, and lays out a path to a more integrated perspective through which activists recognize the social goods proffered by business, and businesses recognize the crucial ways that social concerns are already integral to their financial well-being.

I can’t do it justice in this hasty post, but do give it a read. It’s enlightening.

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