Remember that goofy ‘toon site and its boxing-gloved, email-answering hero, Strong Bad?


Well, apparently not even web cartoon characters are safe from the fierce green gaze of environmental imperialism: his readers finally call him out on his lack of eco-initiative.

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So what does Strong Bad do to help save the planet? You mean, besides watering flowers with recycled cigarette butts? (Hey, he did switch from using bleach!)

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Fortunately, Strong Bad learns loads more about being green when he’s interrupted by a ’60s-style protest trying to pull the plug on his blackout-causing computer, the Lappy 486. ("That Lappy is energy sappy!") To which he replies, "Are you trying to tell me that $70,000 power bills aren’t the norm?" (Hmm, at least they shouldn’t be … )

After a little introduction to venerable green initiatives such as "cooking with hydroelectric" (heating up hot dogs in the shower) and "organic Thelma and Louise DVD’s," good ol’ Strong Bad comes through with the feel-good moral of the day:

Wait, so all’s I’ve gotta do is take something I already do and word it differently so it sounds eco-friendly?

That’s correct, Strong Bad!

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After all, when you slap that "environmentally compliant sticker" with its little leaf picture onto your plasma TV SUV computer, you know it’s gotta be good for the planet, right?