The environment has mostly been a no show in the presidential race, reports Grist’s boy on the bus, writing this morning from New Hampshire, where the nation’s first primary will be held tomorrow. The race has been unusually substantive, with banter on a host of issues, but the environment hasn’t shared the limelight so far, despite the efforts of enviro groups like Ozone Action. Observers speculate that green issues aren’t getting much play because Bradley and Al Gore have such similar views. “We’ve been building coalitions, bird-dogging candidates, call-in days, you name it — everything to get the public’s voice out — and nothing has happened,” said Doug Bogen, a local representative of Clean Water Action. All this and more from Grist’s Muckraker, who spotted this on the back of the Forbes campaign bus moments ago: “Powered by corn alcohol via hydrofire controlled by computer by Drivermax. More power. Better Mileage. Less Pollution.” Is conservative Republican Steve Forbes the true environmental candidate?