I don’t really like football, but I love the Super Bowl. Chips, dip, friends, commercials, man-hugging — it’s one of my favorite days of the year. And this year, it’ll be extra-super, as it’ll be carbon neutral. Thanks to the planting of hundreds of trees, the event might even be carbon negative, says the NFL’s environmental program director, Jack Groh. Score!

And checking in on Olympics updates:

Construction in Beijing will continue through the 16-day Olympics in 2008, despite pollution and traffic fears. Says Sui Zhenjiang of the department of Project Management for the Olympics:

The construction projects in Beijing will continue to be developed both before the Olympics and after it and they would not be stopped for the opening ceremony of the Olympics because every project has its own economic background and will be developed naturally. However, before the Olympics, or during the process of the Olympics, we will conduct strict management to some projects in specific areas such as the places near the Olympic venues so as to make the air quality of Beijing better.

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Got that?

And with 2,012 days to go, London is goin’ for the goldgreenest games to date,” with recycled stadiums and the like. Jolly good.