Joel Makower makes the case for optimism:

From my perch — overlooking the landscape of business and how it is responding to the environmental challenges we face — there is much good news to report. The world of commerce, still seen by many as the Earth’s Evil Empire, is moving, slowly but ever so surely, toward a new environmental consciousness. Despite — or perhaps in spite of — the near abdication of energy and environmental leadership on the part of the White House, Congress, and most regulators — the private sector increasingly is rising to the occasion.

Today’s news that JP Morgan Chase bank will be issuing a new set of environmental policies seems to lend weight to Joel’s sentiment.

Mainstream environmental groups don’t seem to be getting anywhere in D.C. these days. Perhaps they should devote some of their billions to an aggressive cultural campaign, targeting the private sector and pop culture. That’s where the individual battles are being won, and despite the paranoia of some progressives, if culture moves, eventually the political class will move with it.

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