Sorry no bloggy — I’ve been out all day having my picture taken for GQ, except not for GQ. It’s for a story in the March edition of Outside. Watch for it on a newsstand near you!

Here’s a funny story brought to my attention by reader TS: apparently last month the American Recreation Coalition asked Congress not to raise CAFE standards because it might inhibit the ability of outdoor recreation lovers to get the big trucks and SUVs they need to tow their boats and snowmobiles. Seriously:

If the CAFE standards were increased "beyond affordable technological limits," the group predicts that automakers would be forced to either manufacture smaller and less powerful light trucks or discontinue them altogether, "which would force families currently driving large and mid-size SUVs to drive smaller vehicles unable to support outdoor fun."

They’ve got a point. What good is it to save the outdoors if you have to inhibit outdoor fun to do it? That’s what the outdoors is for.

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