The 12 people who still write with pencils will be excited about this Kickstarter, funding production of a pencil that sprouts into flowers or herbs when it gets too short to use. This will solve the rampant problem of discarded pencil stubs filling up landfills with … uh … wood and rock. Okay, it won’t solve any problems, but come on: you stick the pencil in some dirt and it grows a radish! That is neat.

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The creators suggest this for classroom use, and I have to say I love that idea — elementary schoolers presumably do still work in pencil (or do they all have their own little laptops now?), and once they’ve worn them to a nub, they can each have their own little basil plant or whatever. For a kid, that’s a pretty good incentive to write more, so you can get to the planting stage.

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The Kickstarter is going through Sept. 19, so you have plenty of time to back this cute project, and almost every donation level gets you lots of seed-pencils. The perfect gift for people who do crosswords but aren’t very confident about them, and then get bored and want to eat a tomato!