It was only a matter of time. They make everything out of plastic bottles. Jeans. Furniture. Buildings. Mayonnaise. And now, the most twee, Portlandia-esque plastic bottle object possible: bird feeders. Is that adorable or what? Look at that thing. Look at that adorable bird in her hand. Jesus.

Granted, that’s not a real bird. But if it were, if it were, it would be able to stand on that tiny little thing that used to be a handle on the water bottle and is now a place for an adorable bird to stand. Colectivo da Rainha, the Portuguese studio that makes these bird feeders, thinks of everything. Recycling, check. Employing out-of-work artisans to actually make the things, check. Something useful out of something not useful, check. Oh, that’s the same as recycling. Sorry, I’m just so excited to go get another thing made out of plastic water bottles that I forgot what recycling was.

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