First, the number of daily posts is going to jump 50% to 100% for the next two weeks.  I want to give full coverage to Copenhagen with lots of interviews, while still reporting on the other major issues, including hackergate and the bipartisan climate and clean energy bill.  I’ll be in Copenhagen myself the final week.  So you’re just going to have to come back more than once a day to catch all the news.

Second, that kind of coverage means a lot of guest posts — the best from the web plus daily reporting from the CAP team at Copenhagen, which includes Wonk Room’s Brad Johnson and international climate expert Andrew Light, both already frequent guest bloggers.  CAP’s IT wizards have been migrating CP to a better server this weekend to handle the traffic — apologies for any inconvenience that has caused.  As an aside, CP should be able to handle “Opera” now.

Third, we’ve finally added a subhead feature, so my main headlines won’t have to be so long!  I do welcome any other suggestions for improving the blog.

Fourth, the American Geophysical Union cleverly scheduled its important annual conference to overlap with the crucial final days of Copenhagen.  I ran a number of stories on major new research presented at last year’s meeting, plus some blogging from a roving reporter on site, Jeff Goodell, author of the terrific book, Big Coal (see “Report from AGU meeting: One meter sea level rise by 2100 “very likely” even if warming stops?” and “How desperate are climate scientists? Desperate enough to contemplate geo-engineering“).  But Goodell can’t make it this year and frankly pretty much every major climate reporter will be a third of the way around the globe.

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So if you are going to the AGU meeting and want to report/blog daily (or more) on the latest climate science presented (and more), send me an email — click here.

Finally, somebody sent me a link to the Green Energy Reporter, which every month has a list of “Top 10 Players in Green Energy.”  I made the most recent two lists.  Last month, I was ranked #8, with more influence than the entire State of Vermont, but not as much as Massey Energy Chairman and CEO Don Blankenship.  GER wrote:

Three cheers for a green progressive who is not a stereotypical, simpering wuss.

Romm sharpens his battle axe everyday and chops away at bad science masquerading as “unconvential thinking.” His multipart takedown of SuperFreakonomics was the most influential and sustained attack on the farcical book. His exclamation point (!!!) and chart-laden attacks on “global cooling” are also required reading.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

But he’s not afraid to get sloppy and emotional when good things happen, such as when Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham got on board with Sen. John Kerry’s climate change bill. He’s everything a blogger should be.

Anyway, stay tuned to Climate Progress, your one-stop-shop — and wuss-free zone — for all things Copenhagen and climate and green energy!