Both Jeff and Navin bring word of a survey commissioned by 25×25, a coalition aiming to have 25% of America’s energy come from renewable sources by 2025. Poaching from Navin, here’s what the survey found:

* Americans don’t believe that there is an energy crisis, but they do believe we have a serious problem; it’s just not the level of a crisis in the public’s mind.

* 98% of Americans believe the overall goal of getting 25% of our energy from renewables is important (74% very important)

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* 90% believe the goal is achievable

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* 88% support federal incentives to achieve the goal and 92% favor government mandates.

* Energy ranked at the top of Americans concerns along with health care, security and education

* the public believes that special-interests, such as the oil and gas industry, are the primary obstacle to achieving the goal

* national security is the best way of selling the goal.

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These are pretty amazing numbers. Just as we saw with last week’s gas-tax poll, the public sentiment is there. It’s just waiting for the right public figure to come along and crystallize and direct it.

Navin also has more details on the recent 25×25 conference.