Thursday, 27 Feb 2003


Yesterday brought a bounty of good news throughout the day, the most impressive being that Eco Encore gained our first grant, a $10,000 gift from an anonymous donor to support our start-up costs and help us begin paying staff. Obviously this was welcome news for me! (Ripken seems happy as well.)

Ripken hard at work.

We also got two indications of how this Grist journal is benefiting us. From New Orleans came an interesting email suggesting that we should be working to raise money for environmental organizations outside as well as inside the Pacific Northwest. Indeed, Eco Encore is beginning to think about developing a “how-to” kit for people in other areas of the country who want to replicate our system and apply it for the benefit of their local environmental organizations. The writer also said he would donate used media to Eco Encore if we were raising money for national organizations — obviously a compelling point.

It is worth noting that when we began our work in September 2002, I made several calls to large, national organizations that are operating in the Northwest, but few expressed interest in our project. As we gain attention and sales (and thus more revenue to distribute to groups), national organizations will likely notice what we are doing. For now, we are happy to be supporting eight organizations that are doing solid work in the Northwest, all of which were eager to be involved with Eco Encore from the start. Also with regard to the issue of our support of national organizations, we are considering working with American Rivers and Earthjustice (both of these organizations have a Seattle office and were warm to our initial outreach), and one of our existing groups, Government Accountability Project, has a D.C. office.

The other cool Grist connection involved a sale we made to a woman in Los Angeles who bought two books from our online store — the proceeds of those sales will support ONE/Northwest. It was a fun transaction as she alerted me to the fact that she found us via Grist and she even got a shipping discount for buying two books! So, two great Grist connections on Wednesday — one from LA and one from L.A. (I just had to get that in there.)

Today’s featured sale is How You Feel Is Up to You: The Power of Emotional Choice. Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Washington Trails Association. This item was purchased by a man in the great state of Iowa, a state that many will have their eye on as 2004 approaches.

Speaking of politics, I must say that from my perspective the virtual march on Washington was super. I called Washington’s two senators at 4:56 and 5:01 p.m. as directed by my email alert and told them of my opposition to war in Iraq. If this organizing model works then perhaps we can do the same thing when it comes to preserving the Arctic wilderness or stopping the assault on the forests in the Northwest or … alas and regrettably, the list goes on.