This isn’t a joke. The White House is touting President Bush’s just-completed home on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, as an eco-friendly haven. The house has geothermal heating and cooling. Rainwater and household wastewater are reused for irrigation, and First Lady Laura Bush says she is restoring native wildflowers and grasses on the ranch property. Karl Rove, Dubya’s right-hand man, mentioned the ranch in defending the Bush’s environmental record. Rove went on to say, "The public will see that he is an outdoorsman who cares about clean air and water and has innovate ideas." Greenpeace activists remain unimpressed. With the Bush family back at the ranch for Easter weekend, the activists strung a 30-foot-tall yellow banner off a water tower in Crawford that read, "Bush the Toxic Texan — Don’t Mess with the Earth."