Conservative Group Sues Bush Administration Over Climate Report

Europe is sweltering, Pakistan is flooding, Alaska is melting, and China is in the grips of a devastating drought, but has any of this convinced the skeptics that global climate change is a reality? On the contrary: The conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute sued the Bush administration yesterday to try to force it to stop distributing a report about climate change, claiming the phenomenon poses no real economic, environmental, or health risks. The 2000 National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change, which was the product of almost a decade of work by dozens of government and private-sector scientists, generated possible scenarios of global warming using computer models and historical climate data. The industry-backed CEI accuses the report of “alarmism” and says it violates the Federal Data Quality Act, which requires information distributed by the government to pass standards for objectivity, quality, and utility.