Time series points out eco-benefits of eating smart

Time‘s latest issue features a series called “Eating Smart,” which includes a handful of enviro-tastic articles. One offers the revelation that grass-fed beef is better than its factory-farmed counterpart, both for you and for the planet. It makes a case for grass-fed as the new organic: sales of grass-fed beef are expected to increase more than 20 percent a year for the next decade. Another article describes an eco-trend taking off more slowly, namely, people pledging to be “locavores,” eating only food produced within 100 miles of their homes. (Usually for a month at a time — let’s not get too crazy.) Author Michael Pollan shares “Six Rules for Eating Wisely,” from avoiding high fructose corn syrup to ignoring health claims on packages. And another piece asks, “Is Teflon risky?” Answer: yes, if used incorrectly. However, Teflon’s discoverer was named Roy Plunkett. So that’s fun.