Researchers Find Toxic Dust on Computers

Dust on the computer in front of you right now contains toxic chemicals that can lead to long-term neurological and reproductive health problems, according to a new study. So really, you should stop reading this, back away from the keyboard, and go take a walk. But for you masochists, here are the details: The study took samples of dust from a variety of computers in a variety of locations and on every one it found brominated flame retardants, commonly used in electronic gadgets, televisions, carpets, and children’s toys. According to a report on the study released by the Computer Take Back Campaign and the Clean Production Campaign — a coalition of enviros, scientists, and unions — “there is no safe dose associated with these chemicals.” The European Union plans to ban some of the chemicals, which are widely distributed — and when we say “widely,” we’re talking about the fact that they were recently found in Arctic polar bears — but as yet the U.S. government has no comprehensive plan to ban any of them.