If you’re curious about critters that live under the sea, I recommend you check out The Reef Tank. The website started as an information source and community-building tool for aquarists, and to that end, it features product reviews, discussion forums, and even a marine species wiki.

Live Blue globe

But they’ve since realized that people who keep giant fish tanks as a hobby also care deeply about what’s going on outside the fish bowl, so they’ve beefed up their blog with features about climate change, ocean acidification, and conservation efforts. In addition to interviews with scientists and other reef enthusiasts, they also regularly feature the work of notable contributors like Coby Beck and, oh yeah, me.

My latest post is about the Live Blue Initiative, a project of the New England Aquarium that calls on fish-huggers everywhere to pledge to “live blue” by reducing their carbon footprint.

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So dive right in and check it out! And pledge to live blue while you’re at it.