There’s no shortage of messaging on climate change these days, but the latest ad I came across concerned me in the same way that Greenpeace’s pissy kid ad did. I just heard the radio version of Environmental Defense’s two TV ads (which this hard-rock station was repeating back-to-back, for extra negative impact), which tear a page from the same playbook: "The Gift" features kids reading off a list of lousy things that adults are giving them, like droughts, stronger hurricanes, etc. And then there’s the one about time running out alongside a long list of bad things to come called "Tick," and one of a girl about to be hit by train thrown in for fun.

Sure, it’s the kids whose future will be most impacted, but messaging with fear and guilt is not the way to win the hearts and minds of adults, as Gristmillers discussed here and in many other threads recently. The big green groups really need to get on the positive bus as much as possible, or we’re going to see the public ignoring the "threats" of climate change and risk missing the opportunities inherent in getting off of fossil fuels.