Tuesday, I received an email from Marc Marano, staffer for Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.). Usually, these are vectored straight into my junk folder, but apparently my computer’s spam filter has a sense of humor, because this email made it into my inbox. And what I saw astounded me.

Marc’s email contained a link to a recent post by Roy Spencer. In it, Spencer claims:

Obviously, the thermostat (feedback) issue is the most critical one that determines whether manmade global warming will be catastrophic or benign. In this context, it is critical for the public and politicians to understand that the vast majority of climate researchers do not work on feedbacks.

In popular political parlance, most climate researchers do not appreciate the nuanced details of how one estimates feedbacks in nature, and therefore they are not qualified to pass judgment on this issue. Therefore, any claims about how many thousands of scientists agree with the IPCC’s official position on global warming are meaningless.

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Did I read that right? The only people qualified to make judgments on the science of climate change are experts in climate feedbacks?

I’ll ignore the questionable and obviously self-serving nature of this claim for now. The surprising point here is that Roy has clearly disqualified virtually every member of Inhofe’s list of 650 “experts” who dismiss the IPCC’s view of climate science. Not only are the Inhofe 650 members not experts on climate feedbacks, but also most of them are not experts on any aspect of the climate. (Note, however, that I’m still an expert because I actually do work on climate feedbacks.)

And since Marc Moreno sent out a link to this post, he obviously agrees that Inhofe’s list is a pile of rubbish.

Finally, something Marc and I can agree on.

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