The two folks arrested in the NOAA protest — profiled in Mike Tidwell’s piece last month — go to court next week. Ted Glick and Paul Burman have been charged with disorderly conduct after they climbed onto a ledge over the entrance to the NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. on Oct. 23. They face up to five years, five months in jail and a $6,000 fine if convicted on Tuesday.

Says Burman, 23: “I took this action because of my deep concern for the future.”

Glick, who gets certifiable badass points for staying in-your-face on this stuff at the age of 57, offered a more tenured stance: “On October 23rd I acted on behalf of my son, my nieces and nephews and children everywhere who need many more older Americans to do the right thing on this fundamental issue.”

Way back, oh, four years ago when I was young and idealistic and liked to piss my parents off by putting Green Party lawn signs in front of their house in the middle of the night, I worked for Ted Glick’s senatorial campaign in New Jersey. I was continually awed by his passion for good causes, the degree to which his senate campaign was not a vanity affair, and the squintiness of his eyes. He’s a cool guy, so if you can come out to support them in court on Tuesday, go for it.

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