Nice big-picture essay on carbon capture and sequestration, the current magic pony being dangled before our eyes to distract us from taking meaningful action on the enemy of the human race:

Capturing and storing carbon dioxide is a solution the anti-global warming contingent (read, political pundits and bloggers using science to attack Democrats) say can keep us in an SUV Promised Land today. Then future technology can deal with it permanently.

To those people (Republicans) I say, ‘pretend a Democrat is saying Social Security will take care of itself in the future. Would you be skeptical?’ Well, that’s how I feel when they insist nothing needs to change and it will all be okay.

Currently, CCS is storing a few million tons but to have a meaningful impact on global warming would require the storage of several billion tons – and an entire transportation industry would have to be created just to store carbon dioxide. We would basically be storing carbon dioxide we created in the transportation of … carbon dioxide. The world’s largest transported good would not be food, people or oil – it would be CO2.