I love living in San Francisco, where not only do we have a City Department of the Environment, but it’s teamed up with the Sierra Club on an environmental art/advocacy project that is all at once simple, creative, thought-provoking, cheap, and replicable.

Today, they launched FutureSeaLevel.org to bring the climate crisis home. It’s an ingeniously simple idea: Participants tape up public spaces with a line of blue tape that marks the new sea level after unchecked global warming.

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In a coastal city like San Francsico, it’s a disturbing sight indeed — the blue line cuts the urban landscape mercilessly, and you can really feel yourself going under. The project launched at Pier 39 — tourist central here in SF — so it’s getting lots of exposure.

Now if only they’ll share the tape so we can try this everywhere else there’s a coastline too …

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