Word has it that the city of Seattle is planning to expand its north-end transfer station (garbage relay pit) to include a recycling center. They intend to invoke imminent domain on the old bakery just to the east of the existing facility. I surely hope their plans include a better way to collect hazardous waste.
Today, if you want to get rid of your hazardous waste you must first make an appointment, which means you will also have to find the appropriate phone number. Note here at the official website, that the location of the north-end collection center is a secret to be revealed only after you call.

Once you finally arrive, the attendants will inspect your collection, sending you home with things they don’t want, like explosives, and all of your cans of latex paint. Last time I tried this they rejected about half of my cans … and ah … one bomb.

Moral of the story: If you make it hard enough for your citizens to get rid of hazardous waste, they will find an easier way to get rid of it, like hide it in plastic bags, or just do nothing until the cans rust through (like the ones shown here).

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