My new favorite blog in the whole wide world is Shorpy, "the 100-year-old photo blog." It’s just what it says: it collects old pictures.

That description doesn’t do it justice, though. It’s fascinating. For instance, check out this picture of Miss America contestants from 1927 — interesting to see how standards of beauty have and haven’t changed, hm? Or check out the rows and rows of folks hard at work in the computing division, from some time between 1909 and 1932:

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computing division

Kinda looks like the Grist office!

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Anyhoo, to make this at least moderately green, check out Shorpy’s reprint of an editorial on child labor in coal mines, from the Dec. 17, 1902, edition of The New York Times. Coal has been the enemy of the human race for over a century. Congratulations, coal!