Single people often face a stigma: The coupled-up among us just can’t figure out how anyone could live a full and accomplished life without a partner. And in most cases, this stigma is totally ridiculous and unjustified. Apparently not for recycling, though. In Britain, at least, single people just aren’t as good at it.

According to the Guardian, while 79 percent of mixed-sex couples recycle, only 65 percent of single people do. And the worst of the worst were single men, only 58 percent of whom could be bothered with the small task of putting paper, plastic, and metal products in a separate bin from their rotting food. 

It is pretty harsh to live a life in which you not only have to dispose of all the trash you create but might also have to carry two separate piles of it to the curb. One of the main benefits of partnership is that you can ask the other person to take out the trash occasionally. However, single British men supposedly drink more than their married counterparts, so we’re talking about a wealth of empties that potentially could be recycled and are instead going to the landfill. Not cool.

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