Canadian businesses find boon in Kyoto

Canadian renewable-energy companies are anxiously awaiting Feb. 16. That’s the day the Kyoto Protocol goes into effect, and with Canada’s target of a 6 percent cut in emissions from 1990 levels by 2010, companies selling green, low-or-no-emissions technology are expecting to see quite a bit of their own green. “What’s happening — which is a very pivotal change and I think timely — is that we’re broadening our visibility,” says unwitting punster Art Aylesworth of Carmanah Technologies Inc., which develops solar-powered lighting systems. David Demers, whose company’s technology allows engines to run on alternative fuels, agrees: “It’s going to help us encourage people to look at alternatives, it’s going to help us be more energy efficient.” Canada’s national plan for implementing Kyoto will be announced on Feb. 23 along with the federal budget.