Record levels of air pollution in Milan, Italy, pushed officials Sunday to impose a one-day ban on cars and motorbikes in the city center, for the first time in 25 years. Meanwhile, Britain’s air quality took a dive in 1999, according to Friends of the Earth. Pollution levels exceeded health standards on average one day in eight in rural areas and one day in 13 in urban areas, the enviro group says. FOE is pushing for the government to curb automobile traffic. On the other hand, improved air quality in Mexico City is giving people hope that large cities in developing countries can begin to tackle their pollution problems. Anti-smog initiatives in the Mexico City area made 1999 the cleanest year of the decade, and the improved air quality lead to fewer cases of bronchial and eye illnesses, according to Alejandro Encinas, a local environmental official. Still, the city’s air needs continuing dramatic improvement.