A few environmental activists in California are trying a new tactic to bring a halt to the logging of ancient redwoods — “Goddess-based, nude Buddhist guerilla poetry,” or, in laywoman’s terms, females baring their breasts and reciting poetry to unsuspecting logging crews. “They stop their chainsaws and they stop their trucks and they pay attention,” said Dona Nieto, a.k.a. La Tigresa, who has lead a number of these poetry recitations at logging sites in and around Mendocino County in the past week. “I want to start an international movement of women who are willing to bear witness and bare whatever else to tell the bare-naked truth,” she said. Meanwhile, other enviros are trying more conventional tactics to stop logging in 10 national forests in the Sierra Nevada. Three groups have filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge to prohibit logging in the area until the U.S. Forest Service adopts a plan to ensure the survival of the California spotted owl and the Pacific fisher, a weasel-like mammal. The suit is similar to one that led to dramatic logging curbs in the Northwest in 1991 to save the northern spotted owl.